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“Having worked with Aurea the past four years, I can honestly state that the programs which they have presented to my students have been absolutely outstanding. My students are of diverse ethnicities; the presentations have brought the students together through the commonalities of poetry, music, and art.      

… I cannot even describe the joy my students experience.”

–Pat Winiarski, Shea High School Pawtucket, RI

Aurea welcomes dedicated funding to educational projects and to support our mission in educational outreach. The ensemble partners with a number of schools and community organizations to promote performing arts in music, theater and the spoken word and to professionally mentor young people. Our work with students and community members provides arts educational experiences that are inspired by the creative process of art-making—performing arts, and creative writing.

In addition to the initiatives launched by Aurea, we welcome your ideas of ways to expand the power of the performance arts in educational settings of all kinds. to help further educational experiences for all, contact:

“Students not only learn of the artistic integrity of the text and music but also the purpose of the communication. By also having open rehearsals, the students are able to watch professional artist work together and share ideas. This type of collaboration is a vital part in a student’s education. The students are able to absorb these ideas and realize that living (performing) art is not a one sided form of communication; it grows between the artist, the performers, and to the listeners… Aurea reminds us all of the relevance of art in our society. Composed and written works should not sit on a book shelf or be watched in digital form on our devices. These works need to come to life through performances in our community, in libraries, in churches, and in our schools.

–Scott Beauregard, Music Director
Jacqueline M. Walsh School for the Performing and Visual Arts