About Aurea

“Aurea’s intensity, superb sound, precision and musicality that made everything soar was reflected by audience response. I felt fortunate to have been present at this world-class event.”
-Britten: Illuminations, Maverick Concerts, Huffington Post, August 2013.

Aurea takes its name from Catena Aurea Homeri, or the Golden Chain of Homer, a symbol of 18th century esoteric alchemy, which strove for the refinement of the human condition. That alchemy – combining disparate elements into a divine new element – defines every Aurea event.

The mission of Aurea is to investigate and invigorate the relationship between music and the spoken word. Aurea aspires to unify the humanities and fine arts in dynamic, accessible & engaging ways through performance and educational outreach. Aurea’s concerts combine poetry with classical, folk and contemporary music, to create performances that sweep from intimate chamber settings to major theatrical venues.

Their eclectic humanities-based repertoire, featuring an extraordinary string ensemble, is built on a strong musical framework of original or previously composed music with eloquent spoken word including poetry, journals, and prose; laced together with soaring harmonica improvisations. Aurea collaborating guest artists have included musicians, actors, puppeteers, dancers and visual artists.

Aurea approaches cross-cultural themes in their programming believing the arts inform our understanding of these issues. Serving a broad audience, Aurea reaches national festivals including the Chicago Humanities Festival, the NYU Humanities Festival, Maverick Concerts, Providence International Arts Festival, FirstWorks, university concerts, an annual concert series and educational outreach.